In Cameroonian Shoes

HARRISON, New Jersey -- ♪ You’ll stumble in my footsteps, keep the same appointments I kept, if you try walking in my shoes. ♪ -- Depeche Mode, Songs of Faith and Devotion

Seeing Double II

Twin towers of San Remo Apartments

NEW YORK -- The San Remo and the El Dorado are the more iconic residential buildings on Central Park West. Two choragic monuments atop the twin towers distinguish the San Remo from the Eldorado.

Change: A New World Order

NEWARK, Mar. 13 -- Heads revolution, tails rebellion

Note "Novus Ordo" and "1984".

The Bridge (for S.J.'s ordination)

♪ Is simplicity best, or simply the easiest? The narrowest path is always the holiest. ♪ -- Depeche Mode, Songs of Faith and Devotion

BROOKLYN, New York -- Less is more, the architectural adage is quite apt for the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. In its simplicity lies elegance and beauty.

For Whom the Bridge Tolls

♪ Can you take me higher? To a place with golden streets. ♪ -- Creed, Human Clay

BROOKLYN, New York -- The Verrazano Narrows Bridge has two decks, each carrying six lanes of traffic to and from Staten Island ($9 toll).

A Perfect Circle

Giotto di Bondone proved his ability to the Pope simply by drawing a perfectly round circle by hand.

NEWARK, Mar. 3 -- Icicles hang from a balustrade as mallards and geese rest on an icy lake near the Cathedral Basilica.

Umbrella Day (for Mom)

NEW YORK, Mar. 2 -- A wintry mix of snow and rain hit Northeast.

Manhattan Project

DOWNTOWN GROZNY MIDTOWN MANHATTAN -- The Waterside Steam Plant is being razed to construct a residential high rise.

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