♪ No locked doors, no windows barred, no things to make my brain seem scarred. ♪ -- Metallica, Welcome Home


Central Park, New York

For the Benefit of Mr. Kite

Central Park, New York, Sep. 18

Vertical Landing

Central Park, New York

Empire State

New York

Broadway Avenue

New York

Manhattan Bridge

New York

Hi-Tech Delivery

New York

Chrysler Building

New York

Look Ma, No Hands!

NEW YORK -- A cyclist adjusted his sun glasses.

Engine & Ladder 10

LIBERTY ST., New York -- Memories loom large on the anniversary of the second attack on the World Trade Center, where 343 firefighters gave their lives. Six were from Ten House.

Pax Americana: Uncle Sam’s Globe-shaped Cross

NEW YORK -- The dilemma of our misadventure in Mesopotamia: fighting for Pyrrhic victory, or declaring a Nixonian "peace with honor." If more recent lessons are learned from the Israelis’ pragmatic but humiliating withdrawals from South Lebanon and the Gaza, we are once again faced with that demoralizing choice: a "Pyrrhic peace."

Imago Dei: A Titan’s Reflection

NEW YORK -- The statue of Atlas reflects in a puddle.

Temple Offering: A Greek Tragedy

♪ I feel You, Your sun it shines. ♪ -- Depeche Mode, Songs of Faith and Devotion

NEW YORK -- In Pat Buchanan's The Death of the West, an increasingly de-Christianized Europe is marching toward extinction. A correct assessment it may be, but perhaps the downhill trip of Western civilization already began centuries ago, when the Greeks’ love of logic and reason shifted to piety and devotion, and their Homeric Pantheon—not lacking in humanity and humanness—surrendered to the Hebrew God.

Cloud 9

NEW YORK, Sep. 10 -- Morning sun over boat dock 6

Peking Duck (for Y.H.)

Newark, Sep. 7

Brooklyn Bridge

New York

Melting Clock Tower

New York

Theoupolis / City of God

NEW YORK, Sep. 3 -- With numerous churches and synagogues, New York appears to be a godly city; except for West Village--a definitive Sodom.

Boat Gazebo

New York

Suspension Bridge (for A.S., Ph.D.)

New York

Sex and the City

Greenwich Village, New York

Potemkin Village

GREENWICH VILLAGE, New York -- Starbucks gains a foothold in the Village as consumer culture and yuppies gentrify the stronghold of counterculture and artists.

Mermaids by the Fountain

Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village, New York

Blimp over Brooklyn Bridge

New York

Double Helix

New York

Un-pedestrian Perspective

New York

Canyon View

New York

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