Urban Landscape

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey -- A view of the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building from across the Hudson River

National Security

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey, Feb. 26 -- The Trojan War ended badly for the Trojans when the gate of Troy swung open. What could happen if our ports in New Orleans, Miami, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York are open to Dubai?


New York

Chrysler Birds II

New York

Starbucks Empire

CHINATOWN, New York -- A Jewish man went to eat at a Chinese restaurant and started to wonder if there were any Chinese Jews. So, when the waiter came over to take his order, he asked, "Pardon me, but I'd like to know if there are any Chinese Jews?" The waiter said, "I don't know. I go to kitchen and ask." After taking his order, the waiter went to the kitchen and returned in a few minutes. He explained to the man, "No. No Chinese Jews. We have orange Jews, grape Jews, and pineapple Jews, but no Chinese Jews."


NEW YORK -- Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge in late afternoon light

Afternoon Jog

Manhattan Bridge, New York

Brooklyn Bridge at Peck Slip

NEW YORK, Feb. 25 -- A seagull rests on a light pole as pedestrians walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brunch Crunch

NEW YORK, Feb. 18 -- A chilly morning with a few minutes of light flurries.

Happy Valentine's Day

Cloud and rainbow at snow-clad Passaic Falls
us heart
PATERSON, New Jersey, Feb. 13 -- Alexander Hamilton's grand vision for an industrial America began at the town of Paterson, where he recognized the economic potential of two billion gallons of water that tumble over the Great Falls each day. Hamilton's contributions to America came to an end when he was shot dead in a gun duel with Aaron Burr, the third vice president of the United States. Incidentally, vice president Dick Cheney shot a Harry Whittington on a hunting trip this past weekend.

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